Day 25 Frankfurt 🔜 Dubai 

Today is a travel day again. We are currently waiting to board our Emirates flight to Dubai. We are going to fly with an A380.  Continue reading


Day 17 extra: Aurora Borealis

Amazingly with an aurora forevast of only 2 out of 9 for Monday we only looked out of the window out of habit and wow there was an incredible show! We jumped into our warm clothes, grabbed hat, gloves, camera and tripod and headed outside! Continue reading

Day 16 extra: Aurora Borealis

As the Lyngenalps and Lyngenfjord are supposed to be a prime location to watch the aurora, supposedly the weather is more often clear, as the clouds get trapped in the mountains coming from the sea, our expectations were up to see some northern lights in Årøybukt 🙂 Continue reading

Day 15 From Honningsvag to Alta: Reindeer, Sea Eagle and Huskies

After a much more quiet night in the hostel (well everything is quiet compared to our cabin on the ship) we started our trip down south again. Our destination for the day was Alta. Alta is the biggest town in the Finnmark area with a population of about 20.000.

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Day 13 extra: Aurora Borealis 

When we left Tromsø Thursday evening at 6:30pm it was already getting dark. Once we left the port it was really dark and the first stars appeared. While we sat on Deck 7 to watch the cruise past Tromsø we saw a first glimpse of the aurora.

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