From Above- Erzgebirge

Some Drohne shots from Augustusburg, Ergebirge.


Iceland- Aurora Borealis @ Borganes

After the first two nights and pretty unsteady weather, our third day in Iceland started with clear skies and sunshine. Uunfortunately the aurora forecast was pretty bad, acutally it absolutely sucked with a KP index of just 1 or 2. Nevertheless continuously checking my favorite aurora app (My Aurora Forecast) and the website of the... Continue Reading →

Snow, Snow, Snow 

After a completely black christmas it was about time to see some snow. About a one hour drive away is a ski resort, Oberhof. There was so much snow and really winter! We had so much fun and it was just lovely. 

Day 18 Aurora Borealis 

Our expectations for Tuesday night were kinda high as the aurora forecast was extremely good and the skies were clear.  So we watched the sky on and off from about 6pm. At first there was nothing but around 7pm the first lights showed up. This time we decided to take the car and to drive... Continue Reading →

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