Day 14: The North Cape  71°10’21” 

After a more quiet Night, only two ports during the night, we woke up to seeing a herd of reindeer out of our window. The scenery in total was beautiful because it had snowed earlier and everthing was white. 

On time at 11:15am we arrived at Honningsvåg, the most Northern town in Europe. As this was the port that we had to leave the Hurtigruten ship again, we had to collect our car from the car deck.

After checking out we headed to the North Cape which is in total 31km from Honningsvåg. The drive was interesting as in between the road was completely covered in ice and snow. 

The entrance fee to the North Cape is pretty expensive with 270NOK per person. Also the opening times in winter are strange, from 11am to 3pm. 

After the 4 buses with cruise tourists left we basically had the place to ourselves.  They show a lovely panorama movie and have all kinds of information about midnight sun and northern lights etc.

When we left at around 2:30pm it was already getting dark.


Day 13 Hurtigruten and Tromsø

Yesterday we cruised until Tromsø and then further north. When we woke up the sea was pretty rough. 

Also the night was pretty rough, our cabin was, lets say, not ideally located. It was very loud and shaky during the night. 

The cruise was pretty cool, especiallyotowards Tromsø. The ship stayed for 4 hours in Tromsø and we used the time to explore the city. 

First we walked to the Artic Cathedral. From the port it takes about 30mins.

The cathedral is really unique and the architect designed it to resemble arctic characteristics. 

After our visit to the cathedral we walked back into the city to stroll around for a bit.

At 6:30pm we left Tromsø to head further north to the Nordkapp (North Cape).

Day 7 Lofoten Islands

Today we left Svolvaer and headed towards Leknes, which is in the middle of the Lofoten. The drive took about one hour. As our hike today we had picked out Offersøykammen, a mountain close to Leknes, which we believed a manageble evalation change. After around one hour steeply climbing 436 meters we reached the top and were able to enjoy a beautiful view. 433 meters elevation change on 1,3km is ca. 33% elevation increase!


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4 days to go…

…and only 3 more days at work. Tomorrow is Germanys annual national holiday, therefore we do not have to work. It is a crazy thought that we only have to go to work 3 more times. The thought of being off for so long has motivated us a great deal during the  past couple of weeks.

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Lower Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon in Arizona was a must see for our trip through south west USA as it is especially interesting for taking pictures. The difficult question was to choose between upper and lower antelope Canyon. Due to the accessibility, the availability of tours (the canyon can only be accessed by a Navajo organized tour as it is on a Indian reservation) we chose the lower part of the canyon.

Another importand point to consider was the time of day of the tour. If taking pictures is important this is the most important fact to consider. After massive online research to find out about different experiences we chose a tour at 10:30 with Lower Antelope Canyon Tours.

The opinions differ on whether the sun is better in the morning or in the afternoon. If you just want to visit the canyon and enjoy its beauty it simply doesnt matter. If you would like to take good pictures try to catch a sunny day and do not go when the sun is highest as you might miss the cool shadows and the spectacular light inside of the Slot canyon.


German Track and Field Championships

This year on July 08/09 the German track and field championships take place in my beautiful home town in Erfurt. We managed to get tickets for yesterdays competitions and it was so much fun. The weather was great, we had good seats and we were able to watch some good and fair fights for the medals.

Below you can find some impressions.