Day 2: Yummy lunch and he packs, she packs…

After having a great lunch today with yummy homemade burgers we packed for our upcoming trip to Norway. 

We tried to go light on the packing but its not easy with a trip in fall. Basically we went for the onion principle. Below you can see what we packed. Tomorrow we will head to Berlin. 


4 days to go…

…and only 3 more days at work. Tomorrow is Germanys annual national holiday, therefore we do not have to work. It is a crazy thought that we only have to go to work 3 more times. The thought of being off for so long has motivated us a great deal during theΒ  past couple of weeks.

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Getting ready for Iceland…part 3Β 

Iceland is supposed to be expensive, thats what everyone is saying. As expensive has a different meaning for everyone we figured lets just get something to munch on for the road and in case we are lare and there is nothing for supper some emergency dinners. We will go to a supermarket while in Iceland, thats for sure, not just to stock up on some supplys but also because every time we visit a new country I find it utterly interesting to go to a local grocery store or supermarket! 

As you can see guys we are kinda excited about this upcoming trip πŸ™‚ 

Getting ready for Iceland…part 2Β 

Part 2: 

After we were satisfied that we will have dry feet while in Iceland we gathered our camera stuff. As we both will take pictures and in case one of our cameras decides to stop working we will take our olympus omd e-m 10 and our canon eos 50d. Together with some lenses,tripod, nd filters and spare batteries our backpack will be full πŸ™‚