Day 60 Jamaika 🇯🇲- Yeah Mon 😎

Yeah Mon, Smile Mon, Thanks Mon….I do not know how many times we heard that in Montego Bay, Jamaika 🇯🇲! In Jamaika we arrived at around 7:30am and did not leave until 9pm so we had a lot of time. We choose to explore individually together with two other girls from the ship. We just went outside of the cruise terminal and got a shuttle into town. For 20$ we got a tour around the city, the beach and back to the ship. A good deal! 

After the tour we walked along the supposedly famous Hip Strip which is s pretty run down street with a couple of bars and restaurants. At the end of the Hip Strip is Doctors Cave Beach. A very pretty little beach where we spent the afternoon


Day 59 Grand Cayman 

Our fourth stop was our first island in the Carribean, Grand Cayman. The port is tiny so we had to use tender boats to get to shore. We had booked a bike tour around the island. Cycling was fun but the wind was so strong you really had to hold on to your bike at times. 

Grand Cayman is a cool place. Quite small but very Carribean. Lovely Beaches and tax free shopping. Cleary can recommend a visit! Especially the 7 mile beach is awesome. Clear blue and green water and white sand combined with the occasional palm tree.

Day 56 Panamá Canal + Panamá City 

Oh Panamá…. what a country. Nowhere we travelled so far we experienced the gap  between rich and poor so badly like in Panamá. Especially Colon was a sad town. Run down and dirty.

The traffic is also horrible. Too many cars and lots of construction.

We headed to the miraflores locks of the Panamá Canal. The miraflores locks are the first of three locks of the canal coming from the pacific ocean. At the end of the 19th century the French tried for about 20 years to build a canal in Panamá, to shorten the travel time between atlantic and pacific ocean from 10 days to about 10 hours. Unfortunately they failed. At the beginning of the 20th century the US and Panamá signed a deal. The USA helped Panamá to gain independence from Columbia. With this they constructed the canal which was then opened in 1914. The deal also gave the USA the right to administrate the Canal for 100 years. In 1999 Panamá was able to take over again and to benefit from the huge financial value of the canal operations which boosted the economy. 

About 14.000 ships pass through the canal every year. Unfortunately none during the time of our visit. Nevertheless it was great to go there.

After the Miraflores locks our next stop was Panamá City. Once again a very impressive skyline! 

Panamá City has an old town which Haß many old and beautiful buildings but not as beautiful as Cartagena. Nevertheless it was worth to wander around for a while. 

Day 55 Cartagena, Columbia 

Our first stop on our cruise was on Cartagena, Colombia. The distance from the Dominican Republic was about 650 nautic miles which are about 1100km. It took 36 hours to get there. The captain told us that the passage into Cartagena is very impressive and that we will be there at around sunrise. It was really worth getting up at 5:45am. The skyline is amazing and it looked beautiful. 

After the everything was set and the ship was at the pier we started into the city.

Cartagena is the most visited city in Colombia and the old town is UNESCO World Heritage. Discovered by Christopher Columbus it is a beautiful and well kept colonial city. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Day 35/36 Thailand: Phuket

Our last two days in Thailand were again beach days. Honestly we had not planned to be lazy, not at all because we acutally do not like vacations with nothing else planned but going to the beach. I had all kinds of idea where to go, what to do. But after years of having very active vacations we kind of slit into being lazy for once. And guess what, this time it suited us just fine and it felt like heaven. Enjoying to listen to the waves cruishing to the shore, the birds singing, enjoying good food and fresh fruits. What a bliss!

Before going to dinner we liked to walk along Karon Beach and watch the sunset. On our last evening in Thailand the sunset was just spectacular, but see for yourselfes below.

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Day 33 Thailand: Phuket – Big Buddha 

Yesterday was quite a day 🙂 much more active than the relaxed beach. We decided to hike to Big Buddha. From Kata Beach it is a ca. 10km roundtrip with approx.360m elevation change. Now add about 85% humidity, sunny weather and 30° and you have got the absolute not perfect hiking weather 😎 Continue reading

Day 32 Thailand: Kata Beach and Karon Temple Market

Yesterday we…surprise, surprice…went to the beach 🙂 But not only did we do that, no we ventured out and went to Karon Temple Market, also called Karon Night Market. The market is only twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays from 4pm to 10m. There is food, clothes, souvenirs and almost everything else that you can think of. Find some pictures below.

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Day 31 Thailand- Phuket

Another day outside in the sun….beach day. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

When it had cooled down a bit at around 5pm we headed up a hill above Kata to watch the sunset. After sunset we walked along the beach and enjoyed the cool breeze and the laid back atmosphere.  Continue reading