Iceland- Aurora Borealis @ Borganes

After the first two nights and pretty unsteady weather, our third day in Iceland started with clear skies and sunshine.

Uunfortunately the aurora forecast was pretty bad, acutally it absolutely sucked with a KP index of just 1 or 2. Nevertheless continuously checking my favorite aurora app (My Aurora Forecast) and the website of the Geophyiscal Institute of the University of Alaska (Fairbanks), which I can both absolutely recommend, as they both are really awesome and give you real time innformation of when its worth to go outside in the cold :), we grabbed out tripods and the cameras and headed out to look into a clear sky and a full moon. Bummer! The full moon was really bright that night. But I tried some long exposures just to check if that little grey cloud above the hotel was something. It was. At first, just a small green band just above the horizon it grew stronger as the evening passed on.

So in our third night in Iceland we got lucky again and had yet another unexpected but wonderful rendezvous with Lady Aurora. It was not out last one so stay tuned…


7 thoughts on “Iceland- Aurora Borealis @ Borganes

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  1. So beautiful!
    We were told that sometimes the naked eye cannot detect the fainter auroras. And pictures taken of a seemingly colorless (well black) sky may turn out differently!


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