2 Nights in Liverpool

A business trip to visit a supplier in Lancastershire gave me the opportunity to explore a little bit of Liverpool. I have been to Liverpool before in 1997...and before I arrived on Monday the only thing I could remember was the Beatles museum. I was very surprised of how much I liked the city. Its... Continue Reading →

Everything new in 2018

With the start of the new year we modified our blog a little bit. Moosylicious now has a new design!!! Yeah... I guess it was about time...but as you guys know time is precious and there is never enough of it! So yesterday my hubby and his endless patience took the time to re-do and... Continue Reading →

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Coastal Ireland and more

Seascapes, sea swimming, islands, landscapes, walks, nature, photography. Fujifilm XT Series.


Auf in die schöne weite Welt - und spannende Abenteuer für die Zeit zwischen den Reisen

Reisen mit Kate

Tri Tra Travel with me :)

Zooma Summarum

Geblendet von einem speziellen Moment, eingefangen in einem Foto.