Day 37 Thailand –> Dubai –> Frankfurt

Unfortunately every vacation must come to an end sooner or later. As our time in Thailand was rather short, the end was sooner 🙂

As the airport of Phuket is situation in the north of the island, whereas the beaches and therefore most of the hotels are in the south along the coast, the transfer time to/from the airport to Kata/Karon Beach is about 60 minutes. To be able to catch our 9:30am flight, we had to get up way too early 😦

The night before our hotel had invited us to a little party, free cocktails and fingerfood. Very sweet idea and another plus for this lovely little hotel!


As we flew again with Emirates I had checked in online 48 hours prior to departure. I have to admit, I really really like Emirates. This was our first experience with them and all 4 flights were absolutely great. Online check in is so easy and fast with them, as they save all information from the flight booking and it literally only takes about 2 minutes to finish check in. Also baggage drop at the airport is fast and efficient as well as boarding etc. The only thing they might loose points in is the food. Its all very nicely prepared, they even give out actual menus and stuff like that, but the food was just not very tasty. Overall we can seriously recommend Emirates.

From Phuket to Dubai it took about 6 hours and we flew in a Boing 777-300. From Dubai to Frankfurt flying time was about 6:45h and the plane was an A380. It is a great plane, lots of space and newest inflight entertainment system with very big screens.



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  1. Many years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time in Pataya, Thailand. I fell in love with the country and the people. Never had the opportunity to visit Phuket, but I truly enjoyed all your post about this amazing place! ❤️

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