Day 29 Dubai to Phuket, Thailand 

After a very relaxing 6 hour flight with Emirates from Dubai to Phuket, we arrived right on time at 8am on Saturday morning. As I had heard and read a lot about the Taxi Mafia in Phuket we booked a private transfer to our hotel for about 20€. For Thailand standards this is alot of money but for a 1hour drive and my standard it was a very good deal which I can highly recommend ( 

We were lucky and were able to check into our hotel room at 10am. The hotel is lovely (OneLoft Hotel, Karon Beach). It is a small Hotel with about 20 rooms and all very new. Especially the little details are lovely!

OneLoft Hotel Karon Beach

Room no. @ OneLoft Hotel

It is located directly between Kata and Karon Beach. Both are about 5 min by foot. Kata Beach is a smaller, more cozy beach.

After a shower and a short nap we walked to Kata beach as we did not have breakfast yet. After a fresh and yummy mango/chocolate crepé and an orange shake we trully had arrived in Thailand.

Kata Beach

Karon Beach is the second largest beach on Phuket but is also a beautiful white sand beach.

Karon Beach

Both Beaches have little restaurants, Fruit Bars and Massage places. As Kata Beach is smaller its less busy and feels cozier.

As it seems Phuket is fully in Russian Hand. Some shops and restaurants do not even have English info anymore. Everything is in Russian. It actually needs some getting used to from my side to actually hear Russian most of the day when in Thailand 😉

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