Iceland – Aurora Borealis

Halfway on the way to Iceland at around 1 am in the morning the captain informed us that nothern lights can be seen on the right sight of the plane. Due to the fact that the plane was not fully booked I was able to get a window seat on the right sight. The show was amazing. I was mesmerized and instantly wasnt tired anymore. I tried to take pictures which was not easy. The plane was shaking, I was so exited and did not have a steady hand and it was still to bright in the plane. I covered the window and my head with a jacket and tried to stabilize my camera on my knee. Below is the one decent shot I got from the plane. What do you think?


Northern lights from the plance somewhere between Scotland and Iceland

On our second night in Iceland we got lucky again and were able to enjoy the noghtern lights again. It was pretty cold and I realized I need a new and better lens πŸ™‚

Nevertheless I am pretty happy with the results eventhough they are far away from being perfect.

Watching the light dance around the sky is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and I am still so excited just thinking about it!




39 thoughts on “Iceland – Aurora Borealis

    • Thanks a lot. I will try to remember. So I used my Canon EOS 50D and a 10-20mm Sigma lens. The focus was set to infinity first and then to manual so it would stay. The aperture was the lowest possible with the lens at f4 and a shutter speed between 4 to 10s depending on how strong the aurora was. Oh yeah and the ISO was set as high as possible to 3200. I also tried with my 50mm f1.8 lens and with that one I could take the ISO down to 1600 and only needed to use between 1 and 2 s shutter speed. I hope this helps you at all and its not too confusing πŸ™‚

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