Getting ready for Iceland…part 3 

Iceland is supposed to be expensive, thats what everyone is saying. As expensive has a different meaning for everyone we figured lets just get something to munch on for the road and in case we are lare and there is nothing for supper some emergency dinners. We will go to a supermarket while in Iceland, thats for sure, not just to stock up on some supplys but also because every time we visit a new country I find it utterly interesting to go to a local grocery store or supermarket! 

As you can see guys we are kinda excited about this upcoming trip 🙂 


9 thoughts on “Getting ready for Iceland…part 3 

  1. Sounds like you’re well prepared. I always visit supermarkets abroad too, it’s such a good way to get to know the real place. Iceland supermarkets are equivalent in price to those in large European cities, it is more eating/drinking out that is expensive. Generally planned activities (anything with a guide, or hired equipment) are also expensive but you can do a lot for free yourself. I wrote some posts about things to do for free after I visited Iceland last year that you might want to have a look at. I also wrote about the supermarkets in one post and this is the link to that one I’m a bit jealous right now, planning a trip is so much fun!

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