When I saw Streets of Nurembergs post today I thought, hey we did this awesome trip to Namibia and South Africa in 2014. When I got home from work today I checked out my pictures and I figured I can share them with you.

We only had about 10 days for Namibia, which was by far not enough to discover this fascinating country. Also I absolutely cannot recommend a VW Polo as a rental car 🙂 I think the country itself is enough adventure. Due to the, lets say, interesting road conditions, it is probably so much for fun to have 4×4 or at least some kind of SUV with a higher wheel stand. Also its probably better for everyone who tends to get motion sickness 🙂 its kinda rough and shaky in a Polo but its doable. We did it 🙂

Our first stop in Namibia was the Fish River Canyon.

Fish River Canyon, Namibia
Fish River Canyon, Namibia

After Fish River Canyon we drove to the Namib National Park, one of the most impressing landscapes I have ever seen….really ever.


The park opens at sunrise, so you have to get up early if you want to see the dunes with all the amazing shadows. Early morning is also the best time of the day because its not as hot as later on in the day. It takes about 1,5 hours to reach Sossusvlei. Big bonus: the road is paved (yes it was paved…. it kinda felt like my birthday and christmas together, after a few days of gravel roads). The dunes can be seen from early on and the first cool one is Dune 45.

The dunes can be climbed…they do not look that high or difficult to climb, but they are. One step forward, two steps back etc.

We climbed Dune 45 and Big Daddy. It took about 1,5h to go up and down Dune 45 including admiring the view, taking pictures and trying not to be blown away by the wind 🙂


Next stop was Sossusvlei. The last 5km to Dead Vlei and also Big Daddy can only either be covered by foot or with a 4×4. For everyone without a 4×4 there are shuttles for if I remember correctly about 5€ per person. I am not sure though, but it wasnt a lot and it was absolutely worth it. First of all its fun as the drivers know their way around and go a bit faster and second, its fun 🙂

It was a very windy day and in the desert with dunes there was sooo much sand everywhere. So we improvised 🙂 I felt like the queen of the desert.


Big Daddy is one of the highest dunes there is. It took us more than one hour straight climbing to get to the top. The view is breath taking. You can see dead vlei from above and sand, sand, sand.



Coming down from Big Daddy we entered Dead Vlei, a part of the salt pan with lots of dead trees.


After our fabulous day in the Namib desert our next stop was Etosha National Park. We were super excited to go there, as you can drive yourself in the national park and we really wanted to try that and see if we have the right sense for all the animals we hoped to see.

And I have to say for our first try and our, unfortunately limited time with only one day at the park, we managed to see quite a few pretty ones.


Having to say this beautiful Impala antelope is still my absolute favorite. She is just so perfect. I love the picture.



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  1. Those shots are amazing! Fantastic light, and fantastic settings!
    Really makes me want to visit Namibia.
    Thanks for sharing!:)
    That was very inspiring!

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    1. Oh thanks, so sweet of you! You guys should really go for it! One thing which is supposed to be really cool is Kolmanskop, a ghost town! Unfortunately we did not have time the last time!


  2. Splendid !!!!! 5 month 2 weeks until Namibia :-)))) Love the comment regarding the Polo 😉 When we travelled Namibia (while living in South Africa) for the first time in 1994 we took our own Mazda 323 there. I can’t count how many times I had to vacumize the tires myself. Love your photos, all of them!

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    1. Thanks so much! You are going there this year? Lucky you!!! Well the Polo…We really learned our lesson there. Luckily we busted a tire in Cape Town and not on some F road in Namibia 😁 oh and how cool that you lived in South Africa!!!

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  3. Great post with very nice photos. We are going there in early May for a 11-day tour of mountain, deserts, coast and Etosha National Park. Really looking forward to the trip, especially after seeing your post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this article! Would love to go see all these places in Namibia some day, and yes you definitely need a 4by4 for Namibia. Love the pictures of the big dunes and the shadows.

    Liked by 1 person

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