Lower Antelope Canyon

Ein weiterer wichtiger Punkt, den es zu bedenken gab, war die Uhrzeit der Tour. Nach langer Internetrecherche (finden kann man nicht viel dazu) haben wir uns für 10:30 entschieden. Anbieter war die Lower Antelope Canyon Tour. Es gibt glaube ich nur 2 direkt am Canyon, da fällt die Auswahl nicht so schwer.

Es gibt verschiedenste Meinungen dazu, ob die Sonne nun Vormittags günstiger steht um in den Slot Canyon rein zu scheinen oder eben erst Mittags etc. 10:30 war super, die Sonne stand gut und wir hatten schönes Licht und schöne Schatten im Canyon. An einem bewölkten Tag ist es sicherlich auch schön im Canyon, allerdings dann nicht mehr so empfehlenswert zum Fotografieren.

Antelope Canyon in Arizona was a must see for our trip through south west USA as it is especially interesting for taking pictures. The difficult question was to choose between upper and lower antelope Canyon. Due to the accessibility, the availability of tours (the canyon can only be accessed by a Navajo organized tour as it is on a Indian reservation) we chose the lower part of the canyon.

Another importand point to consider was the time of day of the tour. If taking pictures is important this is the most important fact to consider. After massive online research to find out about different experiences we chose a tour at 10:30 with Lower Antelope Canyon Tours.

The opinions differ on whether the sun is better in the morning or in the afternoon. If you just want to visit the canyon and enjoy its beauty it simply doesnt matter. If you would like to take good pictures try to catch a sunny day and do not go when the sun is highest as you might miss the cool shadows and the spectacular light inside of the Slot canyon.



24 thoughts on “Lower Antelope Canyon

  1. Great pics, we did the upper canyon tour last Summer, way too crowded, too many people and just that one day the sun was hiding, still great to see but also,a bit disappointing, would only visit off-season if I could choose again!

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  2. Oh that’s spectacular!!!
    That’s an enigmatic place, I can’t really figure out how it is in reality. Then I guess I should add it to my bucket list 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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